Jong Ga Jip (종가집)


 Jong Ga Jip (종가집)

3524 W. 8th St. Los Angeles

한정식 콤보, 생선조림, 간장게장, 닭도리탕, 야식딜리버리

Delivery Hours: 11am – 3am

Tel: 213-738-1144



 : Combo Korean Food, Fresh Crab with soy sauce, Fish Stew, Spicy Sauteed Chicken, Late night delivery
 : 한정식 콤보, 생선조림, 간장게장, 닭도리탕, 야식딜리버리
 : 韩国组合食物,新鲜螃蟹用酱油,焖鱼,辣子鸡炒,深夜送货
 : Korean Food Combo, cangrejo fresco con salsa de soya, pescado cocido, pollo salteado picante, entrega Late night
 : コンボ韓国食品、醤油、魚の煮込み、スパイシーソテーチキン、深夜配信フレッシュカニ

Kim Sun Young Beauty Salon’s Treatment Perm


Kim Sun Young Beauty Salon’s Treatment Perm

A perm revolution
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  • Treatment magic perm
  • Treatment restoration magic perm
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Treatment restoration magic perm
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What is Kim Sun Young Beauty Salon’s Hair Treatment Perm?
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House on Fire (불이야)







FREE DELIVERY (until ~ 4 am)

We deliver Koreatown, Downtown LA, Fashion District, and USC.

2500 W. 8th St., Los Angeles, CA 90057

Tel: 213-500-9229


 : LA spicy food delivery Korea at 4 pm, USC spicy Korean food delivery, delivery Korean Los Angeles Downtown,Spicy Seasoned Chicken Ribs, Spicy Hagfish, Spicy Seafood Pasta, Spicy Pig-feet meat, Spicy Crab
 : 엘에이 매운한국음식 배달 새벽 4시까지, USC  매운한국음식배달, 엘에이 다운타운 한식배달, 불닭갈비, 매운꼼장어, 매운해물파스타, 매운족발, 매운꽃게
 : LA辛辣食物交付韩国日下午4时许,南加州大学韩国辛辣食物提货,送货韩国洛杉矶市中心,香辣調味雞肋,辣子盲鰻,香辣海鮮意面,香辣豬蹄腳肉,辣蟹
 : LA entrega de la comida picante de Corea a las 4 pm, USC Corea del Sur entrega la comida picante, entrega coreano de Los Angeles Downtown, Picante de pollo sazonadas costillas, mixinos picante, picante pasta con marisco, carne de cerdo picante pies, cangrejo picante
 : ロスアンゼレス辛い韓国料理の配達午前4時まで、USC辛い韓国料理の配達、ロスアンゼレスダウンタウン食配信、不鶏カルビ、辛いコムジャンオ、スパイシーなシーフードパスタ、辛い豚足、辛



Gangnam Station (강남역 야식)

kangnam1 kangnam2

FREE DELIVERY (5 pm ~ 7 am)

2500 W. 8th St. #103, Los Angeles, CA 90057

Tel: 213-663-3318


다운타운, 유에스씨, 엘에이 자바시장까지 배달합니다.


 : Pork Hock, Pasta, Extreamly Hot Chicken, Popcorn Chicken, Sauteed Chicken Gizzard, Deep Fried Chicken, Sweet Spice Chicken, Mini Gimbap, Sweet and Sour Pork
 : 매운족발,파스타,불닭,팝콘치킨,닭똥집튀김,프라이드치킨,양념치킨,마약김밥,탕수육
 : 辣猪肉脚,面食,辣子鸡,鸡爆米花,油炸鸡,腌鸡,紫菜药物,糖醋肉
 : Cerdo Hock, Pasta, Sumamente pollo caliente, palomitas de pollo, pollo salteado de mollejas, Deep Fried Chicken, Sweet Spice pollo, Mini Gimbap, cerdo agridulce
 : スパイシーな豚足、パスタ、不鶏、ポップコーンチキン、ダルトンジプ揚げ、フライドチキン、味付けチキン、麻薬のり巻き、甘酸っぱい

Zzamong (짜몽)


4255 W. 3rd Street, LA CA 90020

Open Hours: 11am ~ 9pm (Mon- Sun)


Tel: 213-739-2747


* If you mention “KTOWNLOVE”  when you placing an order, you will get a free soft drink.
(케이타운러브 를 보시고 오더하신다고 하면 음료수를 무료로 받습니다.)









 : Free Delivery, House Spicy Noodle Soup, Black Bean Sauce Noodle, Mongolian Beef, Dumpling, Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Beef, Chop Suey, Kung Pao Chicken, Chow Mein
 : 무료배달, 불짜장면, 불짬뽕, 자장면, 볶음밥, 탕수육, 청파소고기, 만두, 볶음밥, 탕수소고기, 찹수이, 매운 땅콩 닭, 초면
 : 免费送货上门,消防jjajangmyeon火的混合物,面条,炒饭,糖醋,cheongpa牛肉,饺子,炒饭,热水,牛肉,杂碎,麻辣花生鸡,秒
 : Entrega gratuita, Casa picante sopa de fideos, salsa de frijol Negro de fideos, carne mongol, bola de masa hervida, arroz frito, Sweet & Sour Beef, Chop Suey, Kung Pao Chicken, Chow Mein
 : 無料配信、火ジャージャーメン、火チャンポン、ジャージャー麺、チャーハン、酢豚、チョンパ牛肉、餃子、チャーハン、湯水牛肉、チョップスイ、スパイシーなピーナッツ鶏、初対面

Olympic Cheonggukjang (올림픽 청국장)

DSCF4336_olympiccgj chungookjang olympic_3 

Address: 2528 W Olympic Blvd Ste 104
Los Angeles, CA 90006
Tel : 213) 480-1107



Jack K.   Jack K.


When I started yelp, I did it with the intentions of finding restaurants like you Olympic Cheonggukjang. Places that arent mainstream enough that everyone knows about.Places that are small but sustain themselves with DANGOLs (repeat loyal customers).

This restaurant is very small, and located a pretty unfrequented building. However, their tiny hole in the wall restaurant is kept tidy and clean. Their food is very clean in two ways. The veggies and banchans are delicious and clean (fresh). Their main dishes taste fresh and clean (no msg). Its as if its cooked with nothing but the love of your mother.

Even their kimchis were excellent. I’ve never been so satisfied by just kimchis in my life. Now I know what my mother means when she tells me she could eat just plain rice and great kimchi everyday for the rest of her life. (minus the need for super deodorent from all the garlic and spices that will eventually eminate from your pits)

I had their sullung tang and it was rich, creamy, and thick. Just the way I like it. $8-ish after tax is well priced. I will definitely try everything on their menu. I hear they deliver too.

One thing I noticed is that people ordered their food over the phone before they got there. Maybe they take a tad longer than average making their food… probably because they are busy squeezing more love from the love cow teet in the back.

El Taurino

El Taurino

  • 1104 S Hoover St
    Los AngelesCA 90006

    (213) 738-9197


  • Yoomi P.

    I dont know if I could ever get sick  of El Taurino.

    My favorite is the al pastor tostada with red sauce. :) And of course some horchata to soothe the fire in my mouth hehe. Their green sauce is really good too!

    I also love their carne asada tortas and nachos.. mmmmmm…

    I think they’re open till 2am.. maybe 3am? I can never remember… but it always gets PACKED around 1am from people coming back from clubbing.

    I think El Taurino is one of the MUST TAKE.. when friends are visiting from out-of-state

Griffith Park



Linz E.

This place is awesome! There are various different activities to occupy all age groups: hiking trails, the Travel Town Museum, and the Observatory. And best of all these are free!
Certainly there are activities for which you can pay (like the zoo), but why would you? Unless you have a feisty little one that needs to see the animals then you should pay.

There’s also always parking available (although the spot may be a bit of a walk from your destination), and it’s free. I would recommend avoiding here on major holidays though (like July 4th) because it gets extremely crowded.